Google Web or Google AMP will be made as Standard Web Mobile by Google

What is Google AMP

Google AMP or also called AMP Project, is an open source initiative that aims to make the web better for everyone. This project allows the creation of fast, beautiful, high-achieving web pages and ads that merely dissipate devices and distribution platforms.

Google AMP or Google Web It’s On Developed by Google.

They said in his blog. search results, Will follow the Web Standards, And must meet the rules of website speed.

This Technology Is a minimized web page, and stored in cache. Making it possible to load websites quickly and easily, especially on HP or Smartphones.

Especially now Google, Will prioritize the website using AMP, to more easily found in Google search.

What is a Website?

Website (English: website), is an interconnected webpage, which generally resides on the same server containing collection of information provided by people, groups, or organizations.

A website is usually placed at least on an accessible web server, via a network such as the Internet, or a local area network (LAN), through an Internet address identified as a URL.

The combination of all publicly accessible sites, on the Internet is also called the World Wide Web, or better known as WWW acronym.

Although at least the homepage of a public site is generally free publicly accessible, in practice not all sites allow for public access to it, some websites require visitors to register as members, or even ask payment to become members, to use content contained within the website.

Who is Google

Google LLC is a United States multinational corporation that specializes in Internet services and products. These products include search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising.

Most of the profits comes from AdWords. They both hold 16 percent of the company’s shares. They made Google a private company on September 4, 1998. Its mission statement was “to gather world information and make it accessible and useful to everyone,” and its unofficial slogan is “Do not be evil”.

In 2006, Google headquarters moved to Mountain View, California. What Does It Mean For Us Web Developer? In the future means will be ready … for us to create a website that AMP Ready!

this is for more information: hope it benefits 🙂

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