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Do You Sick and Want To Change Yourself !!! This is How To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating is condition when person is still think, that he have more time to use, when reality, that person didn’t have time left. and… this article will be talk about how to stop procrastinating.

That is Really Bad, so … How to Stop Procrastinating ?

so how to solve this bad thing to our productivity life ?

this is how to tackle it! 🙂

  1. make notes, yes… you didn’t wrong hear it. just make note to all your task, you can use digital note like Wunderlist, or Microsoft todolist, or apple reminder, of maybe android tas yellow name is … i forgot about that! :D. The function of that? to make you didn’t lost what you must do!
  2. make priority from that note list, yes you know that! 😀 you must be think and learn maybe :/ , … that some task is more important than another task. 
  3. after that… each priority, make it more simple to do! since it already separate between priority, so just make it more simple to do each of them. so you can confident for every task that you have finished 😀
  4. and then… ? stick for your plan… 😀 what is it? first do the most important priority, and do the simple one first….. and do each task until it finish… and you can continue to another task …..
  5. what the last to do ? just see…… just see your note list…. ! you will be proud for every task that you already finish …. , you will be more confident than your self yesterday. I mean it ! 😀 you will be more confident… and make smile yourself for today… for today… you’re the bos!! 🙂